Sunday, May 29, 2011

An afternoon of planting and more birding

Today it was in the low 60's, overcast and a few scattered showers.

Glad I got out of the apartment today cause either I was hot flashin or it was warm in the apartment. So, got my plants out of the AeroGarden and out to the garden plot I went.

Planted my basil and parsley along with cilantro (from seed) along with my three carrot plants. Then the rest I planted from seeds: mammoth sunflower, beets, bush cucumber, buttercup squash, and bunching onion. There were several people planting their garden today while I was there. Talked to a couple of women and maybe their grandson (guessing). I asked them about what they were planting and offered them my a-frame trellis (pictured above) now that I'm not going to use it. I also shared my mammoth sunflower seeds with them. Nice people.

I posted on the UP Birders email list for help identifying a new bird at my feeders. The response was wonderful even with the limited amount of info I was able to provide. The bird that I asked for help with had a pink and brown head and a pink spot on the rump. Most people suggested it was either a purple or house finch. So I think I'm going with the house finch. In a way this blog can be a bird journal which is a good way to help with bird I.D.

After my two hours of playing in the garden, I joined friend Rachel for a nice walk at the Dead River (at the beginning of Co. Rd. 550). Great walk and weather!

Unfortunately, no special plans for tomorrow, Memorial Day. Spouse and I both have to work.

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