Saturday, June 4, 2011

Visit to Avalon Alpaca Farm on a Beautiful Day

What a gorgeous day out there! It is in the 70's here in Marquette. We had one other day where it was warm but otherwise it has been in the 50's or 60's.

This morning the Superior Land Photography Club (I forgot to mention previously that I am in this club-keeps me sane) visited the Avalon Alpaca Farm in Skandia, MI. Donna and Carol are the owners since 1995. They were both at one time employed at the college, Northern Michigan University. This is there retirement business. It's not far out of town. Directions and information can be found at
Club member talking with Carol (right).

The alpacas were amazing to watch and came in a variety of colors-white, black, and various shades of browns and combination of colors. We were free to wander within their pens as long as we closed all gates that we went through. They were just plain fun to watch. We noticed that if you were low to the ground and quiet and still they were much more inquisitive to check you out. I was close enough to reach out and touch them but I didn't try. I enjoyed watching their facial expressions and photographing their "mop" heads.

My favorite "mop" heads.

The alpacas do enjoy lounging in their day spas. They like to hang out at the local dirt holes to take dust baths and bathe in the sun.

Having a good time at the spa.

Getting cozy.

Isn't there a saying, "You don't poo where you eat?" Well that is exactly what alpacas do. They all pee and poo in the same places. A benefit to visitors when you don't have to worry about where you step or sit down.

The alpacas are guarded by two large dogs called Anatolian Shepherds. BIG dogs! One just turned a year old and he was already big.

One year-old Antonian Shepherd.

Antonian Shepherds. Above is the one year-old.

Carol and Donna also had two horses that you could pet if you desired, but for safety reasons couldn't go in their shelter.

I would highly recommend a visit to the alpaca farm!

Please visit again soon they say!

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