Friday, May 27, 2011

Spring is here...Except it was 38 degree yesterday!

Yesterday it was 38 degrees out. It was cold! A little better today being in the low to mid fifties.

Had our first workday last week and found out we need to schedule another one in early June. There is just so much to do. So this Thursday it is. The native garden in front of the fenced in plots has gotten out of big and out of control. So, we are reducing the size and starting over. Though we are keeping some of the plants already there.


Sugar Snap Peas

Garlic (planted last summer)

Chives (ready to bloom)
Made a quick trip out to the garden earlier this evening. Both my sweet peas and spinach are sprouting! Below are some "not so great" pics of my sprouts along with my chives and garlic.

I have some catnip, carrots ready to plant from the AeroGarden. Hoping to get out this weekend and plant those and (almost forgot) my flat leaf parsley and basil plants that I purchased last Saturday at the farmers market. In additional to my seeds. Scattered rain showers for tonight and tomorrow morning. Hope it doesn't last to long.

Tomorrows agenda: Heading out to the Bartlett Sheep farm in Traunik, MI. They are opening their sheep barn to the public to learn about sheep, wool and to hold a baby lamb or two. And of course there will be photo ops. My goal for the summer is to see as many local attractions as I can. See and buy local everyone!

Must download pictures!

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