Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My first Blog

Hello! My name is Tiffany and I live in the beautiful city of Marquette, MI. I've been married for 11 years to Mark, a great and loving husband. I grew up in lower northern Michigan and my husband grew up in Munising. We are Yoopers even though I am a transplant Yooper. Marquette is a great place to live, hence the reason why we've stayed so long. Reminds me of home, but yet family is not that far to drive for a visit. Family is very important to me. I have four sisters: Karyn, Jennifer, Yolanda and Amanda.

We both work full time jobs so our vacation and my hobbies imparticular keep me sane and happy.

So what can I blog about?

I like to take pictures, travel, enjoy camping and the great outdoors.  Last summer I rented a decent sized gardening plot (actually share it with a friend) at the Community Garden. So, I may be able to combine my passions and hobbies into this blog? Hmmm. I may have to change the title of this blog though.

It's mid May already. Gardeners should have good seedlings already. I have started some seedlings-Brandy Wine heirloom tomatoes that my folks gave me. They are already a foot high and I've moved them over to a friends house for additional time to grow. Hopefully they fare well there.

This past Sunday, I worked up the plot and pulled weeds. Not many. Then I tried my hand at building an A-frame trellis to grow cucumbers. Built it from branches collected and garden twine. It was fun and I think I did a great job.

The A-frame built from branches and twine. The twine will be tied vertically on both sides.

Yesterday (Monday) went back out to the garden and built a second trellis this one just up vertically to grow sugar snap peas. I'm really looking forward to their harvest. Then planted my peas which were previously soaked overnight (softens the outer skin to help germination) and also two lines of baby spinach.

I picked up an AeroGarden from listed on Craigslist for $50. Good deal, works great too. Used it to start the heirlooms. I may grow more plants but haven't decided what exactly. May grow some herbs.
Will definetly be nice in the winter months.

Now, just a waiting game. The average last from date for Marquette is May 25 but then another place said June 4.

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